Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wednesday ~ Summer Reading

I'm joining Heidi today for Wednesday Gratitude at Heart and Home. I'm so grateful for good friends who you can share your stories with. Heidi and I are Mommy's in common. Ya'll be sure to go on over for a visit. Today I'm sharing my LOVE for books. I love reading. I love book stores. I love new books, old books, small books, large books. I love to touch books and feel the pages bounded up in a pretty cover, like a gift to be opened and cherished. I love to smell old books and look at the worn pages, as I imagine who might have read it. I am grateful that my kids love books and reading just as much.

Summer break is here and that means reading time for many kids. It is great that we have technology advances like spell-check and audio books, but we don't want to lose the importance of reading. Books are an essential part of a society and it starts by instilling a love for reading at the community level. Everyone needs more time away from the hectic techo world. Lets find some time this summer to read. Books are available everywhere. You can borrow from your local public library, buy a book at the Good Will Store or Half-Price Books, or by one online. Take an adventure through the pages of a novel or exercise your spirit with a biblical handbook.

A Girl after God's own Heart, By Elizabeth George. Helping tween girls establish healthy guidelines that honor God, she addresses common issues including how to build real friendships, talk with parents, put Jesus first, dress appropriately, handle schoolwork, and more.

Adventures in Odyssey Passages Book: #1 Darien's Rise, By Paul McCusker. From the wonderful world of Adventures in Odyssey, Whit and Jack find an old notebook labeled "Chronicles of the Chosen". They discover a mysterious "other world."

DIVAS of the Divine, By: Donna McCrary & Sherri Holbert. It show yous how to be an original in a world of knock-offs. An interactive experience with God, this 8-week Bible study provides you with the tools you need to discover your unique identity in Christ. You'll soon be experiencing success in your personal relationships and in your spiritual walk.

Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God, By: Shiela Walsh. Trust. It's a small, simple word. But it's hard to do. Walk with Sheila Walsh as she explores the value of truly trusting our Heavenly Father. When you know who's in control, and trust who's in control, it changes everything; it transforms our nightmares into an exhilarating life of faith.

Grab a good book and find a comfortable place to enjoy some fun summer reading! You never know what you will discover; a new world or a new you.

Yoli :)

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  1. Hi Yoli,
    Well, we are kindred spirits, because I, too, love books, any kind! I just love to curl up on the chaise outside with a glass of iced tea and read all afternoon. A trip to the library is on the schedule for the day after graduation celebrations. My girls always come home with armloads of books from the library, too. So we have quality, quiet, reading time, together all summer long.
    Thanks for linking up today, hope it's a good one.
    Heidi - Heart and Home