Sunday, June 20, 2010

Monday ~ Welcome Summer

It is summer time and the fun begins. There is so much to do in the Texas. The Texas Hill Country is stomping ground. There are so many beautiful rivers and lakes. The area has miles of rolling hills filled with flowers and lime stone boulders. I like the quaint towns with great character. The streets are lined with antique stores, ice cream shops, and coffee bars. I love farmers markets and their fruits are perfect for an early brunch picnic under the breezy trees.
Summer also takes us to the big cities; Austin & San Antonio. My kids and I are enjoying local restaurants, walking around down-town, and often getting lost on our adventures. We are blessed beyond our dreams.
Blue Monday is bright beautiful days under a gorgeous blue sky. It is having picnics, walking around town visiting museums, and finding joy with family.
Yoli :)


  1. Beautiful! There is so much of the United States I haven't seen... and Texas is one of them. Happy Solstice, Happy 1st Day of Summer!

  2. Happy Summer! I too love Summer... sitting outside... strolling in the park... FLOWERS!... hiking... shopping... okay you get it, ha!