Friday, January 16, 2009


JANUARY 2009 - Joy Marie's Boutique opens for business and aprons were brought to life in south Texas. I prayed to God for passion and purpose, and he answered my prayers. At the age of 13 I hand-stitched my very first apron. It was a red skirt apron. We kept that apron for a very long time. At the age of 40-something, my sister Jessica invited me to join her successful business at and the fun started.

I have to also thank my dear friend Kay from Iowa. I met her January 2009 but it seems like I have known her a lifetime. She guided me towards greater serenity when I needed it the most. Kay also helped me improve my sewing skills and she gave me an appreciation for fabrics! Kay and I hit the craft stores in January and must have spent hours shopping around.

The Victorian Princess apron is the very first apron that Kay and I made in January.

My friends please be sure to keep coming back! I can’t wait to talk to you again. ~~ Yoli

Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome from the Apron Senorita

Hello friends, I am Yoli Kalkofen from beautiful south Texas. God is wonderful and he answers prayers. I asked for passion and purpose and he gave me aprons!

I hope to share my thoughts with you. I invite you to join and share your thoughts too. Keep coming back!

Yoli :)