Thursday, December 30, 2010

Farewell 2010

 Faith - Family -  Friends

As I look back at 2010, I see so many blessings in my life.  I made the relocation move to a new city, which I had been waiting for a lifetime.  I saw my two teen kids struggle through the relocation, yet blossom into wonderful people.   My career developed into new challenges and accomplishments.   My spiritual life grew greater with every step I took in faith.  I lost my grandmother in October, yet I know her spirit is happier in heaven.  My heart hurt as my aunt was diagnosed with cancer, yet her journey has given me appreciation. God blessed my apron business and I found joy in meeting new blogging friends.  By far, my greatest gift was FAMILY.  I am blessed with a wonderful family, a phenomenal mother who is my hero.  I have sisters and a brother who are my best friends, and I have nieces and nephews who I am very proud of.  My kids are my pride and joy, and I give thanks to their dad for still being one of my closest friends.  All that I have is with praise and glory to God. 

God Bless You.  I pray that 2011 brings a healthy balance of joy, challenges, and peace.

Last Thursday of 2010

 A penny earned is a penny saved.   

As a single mother who works 2 job, I know what that means.  The source of my money is God but I believe He expects me to do my part.  I am greatly blessed with a good paying job and a little apron business that gives my family a bit of extra income.  There are lots of things we can do to be better stewards of our money.  That is one of my New Year's Resolutions.  What are some of your resolutions?

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wednesday Friendships

Friendship letters are a special form of showing that you are around always and forever.  Friendship Letters can also be very sentimental  because deep friendships involves trust and understanding. Friendships are like all relationships that experience love, hurt, joy, pain, surprises, and vulnerability.  Letters can heal pains and acknowledge the support.  They give forgiveness, thanks, and appreciation.  One of my new-year's resolutions is to send  handwritten cards to friends thoughout the year.  I need to find pretty stationary and get some postage stamps and start writing "just-because" friendship letters.

I bought this Kelly Rae Roberts art
at Dancing Bear in Gruene, Tx.


Monday, December 27, 2010


 Sassy Salads

We all know this is the time to start thinking of New Year's resolutions.  Eating healthier is definitely on my list.  The quintessential salad pairs up fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheeses, oil, chicken, and seafood.  Adding fruits, nuts, and other well-chosen ingredients offers a welcome change. Fatty fish like salmon or tuna offer omega-3 fats, which help lower the risk for heart disease. Tomatoes have plenty of vitamin C, potassium, and folate which may help lower cholesterol.  Nuts or seeds adds nearly five grams of high-quality protein, as well as generous amounts of vitamin E, fiber, and minerals.  All fruit provides abundant good nutrients (vitamin C and potassium) and list of disease-fighting chemicals in a package that's naturally low in fat, sodium, and calories. Pair up arugula, grapes, and flower seeds.  Try mixed greens with berries and spiced almonds.  For a tangy taste, make a spicy southwest salmon Caesar salad with green onions.  A sesame shrimp salad is always in season.  Whatever your preference is simply add fresh ingredients and keep it balanced with a light oil base dressing.  Best wishes for a healthy start to 2011.

 Tuesday Friends






Sunday, December 26, 2010

Benefits of good health and fitness

I am making a commitment with myself and my kids to get healthier.  We all could use more focus on taking better care of our self.  My sister Jessica was a big motivator to kids this past week because she took them running.  She runs on a regular basis and finished a big marathon several weeks ago.  My mother also gave me good advise about eating healthier...."get more fiber".   In 2011 my blog will contain regular postings about getting fit.  I will put on my apron to cook up healthier meals.  I will post my recipes to share them with you.  I can't wait for the new challenge.  In fact, we already started.  I cleared out the Christmas tree and decorations from our living room so we can exercise as a family.   I look forward to challenges and achievements. 

1) Day to day chores are so much easier – Because you are fit, you will not tire that easily and chores such as gardening, carrying stuff , bending over or climbing up to pick up things will be so much easier.

2) Enjoy life better – Since daily chores are no longer chores, you are able to do more things and faster. Savor your productivity and efficiency.

3) Save money and live longer – Save money on your medical expenses from diseases that strike unhealthy and obese people. Your risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke and some form of cancers, all of which are deadly is reduced significantly when you stay fit and are in great health.

4) Your posture and confidence improve – Because you are stronger, your strong muscles hold up your skeletal structure will. This improves your body posture and your confidence will soar.

5) Look great in your clothes – You will carry your clothes well because you are no longer flabby or skinny with your clothes either too tight or too lose.

6) Attractive hunk – Gone will be the days when your body shape was the butt of jokes. Instead, people will ogle and admire your new attractive body. A body that many people will die for.

1. What are your New Year's Eve plans? 
I will be staying in town to enjoy local celebrations.

2. How tall are you? 
Average, but I wish I was taller at times.

3. What is your favorite pudding flavor?

4. What room of the house do you blog the most in?
Living is my computer desk.

5. What is your best physical feature?
I really like my hair.

Placing I'm hanging around today...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Sunday

Christmas Sunday I am joining in at Spiritual Sunday for prayer, support, and faith.  This year I was blessed to meet Charlotte and Ginger through blogging.  It has been such a blessing for me to find a place where I can share my joys and heartaches.  I also join Floss at Troc, Broc, and Recup.  I met Floss a year ago, when I was honored to share in the her Pause for Advent.  It really helps me to see that Jesus Christ in all things is what matters.  Floss is a wonderful woman and I am blessed to be invited to her blog home. 

God Bless You from my home to yours!