Monday, August 30, 2010

Tuesday ~ Red all Over

I'm so proud of my son Vincent. He is a senior in high school taking a full-schedule of courses and participating in extra academic activities. He is also working part-time some evenings and weekends. He is applying for colleges and scholarships, and is polishing his resume. Vince has a drive to succeed and he wants make a difference in this world. I know that God walks along side of him, so I am at peace. When I see my son I can't believe how fast he has grown. I'm happy that he has matured but a part of me is sad to know that soon he will be leaving home. Vince carries with him a spirit of faith and courage, and I pray for him everyday.
My current sewing project is a vintage country apron. The base of the apron is a large kitchen towel that I bought at a local antique store. I paid more than I wanted to spend but I just couldn't pass it by. There are a couple of vintage pillows in my living room that I made from this fabric a few months ago. I bought 3 more fabrics this past weekend. I couldn't resist. I'm going to add red polka dot straps and red lace to the apron. I just love it because the fabric matches the red accents I have around the house. As soon as I'm done sewing it, I will post a picture of it.

I'm getting hungry!!
How about some comfort food?

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Monday ~ Impatiently Waiting for Autumn

My very favorite season is autumn. There is just something about the leaves turning jewel red and orange that I adore. It is also knowing that the weather will start to get cooler on autumn nights. During the harvest season I can be found in the kitchen baking cookies. I started that cookie baking tradition when my daughter was young. She would invite her friends and cousins over for a baking party. I loved it more than the kids. The fresh smell of cookies in the oven is heavenly. .
I worked on my Tween Fall Apron this past weekend and posted it for sale in my Etsy Store. Gather the kids, puts on some aprons, and have fun in the kitchen. There are endless recipes to cook & bake, like harvest cakes, pumpkin pie, candy apples, roasted nuts, and so much more. It really doesn't matter what you make, just make time to build memories..

My Harvest Dreams


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday Fiestas

The wedding fiestas are a big part of the Hispanic culture. They can last for days, with the start of cooking and preparations. Deeply rooted in Christian faith, many of the weddings are held in Catholic churches. Involving the family is a must. Everyone has a role and responsibility, down to the youngest children. The festivities are centered around family, friends, and food. It is a celebration of love and culture. The church is decorated in gorgeous colors and the flowers are left in the church after the wedding as an honoring to the Virgin Mary. "Mariachi" music can be heard at the start of the party. Food during the wedding can range from full service traditional Latin food served by waiters or a buffet line with finger foods. My daughter loves the part of the weeding where they cake is served with a huge assortment of Mexican cookies. The party goes on through the night when the wedding party leaves the reception center and heads over the family's house. The wedding ends early morning with a big breakfast for everyone. The wedding couple is honored and well served at their wedding. It is an amazing celebration to participate in.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thursday ~ Education & The American Dream

This past weekend the family met up to celebrate with my niece Samantha as she went off to college. Samantha is the daughter of my sister Angela. Their family now has 2 daughters attending the University of Texas. I wish my Samantha blessings and best wishes.

For lunch the family ate at Pappasito's Cantina. It is such a festive restaurant. I totally love the decor, it is so "Apron Senorita" style. The food was amazing and the service was the best.

Pictured are my Aunt, my Mother, and my Son. I am very thankful to my mother because she instilled in us the drive and discipline to go to college. She also made sure that we also passed that dream on to our children. I know that seeing my niece Samantha start college is a special moment for my mother. I know that if my father was still alive, he would be so proud.
My parents came from very humble beginnings as migrant workers when they were young. After my parents married, my mother dedicated herself to her studies at a local business school and toward building a career with a secure retirement. My father had strong work ethics and he was an entrepreneur who always sought ways to build a business. My parents taught us that the "American Dream" is about being self-supporting, having pride in our work, and getting an education. My parents would work 2 jobs each to ensure that we never went on welfare and never asked for charity. We were told that we needed to work for what we wanted. I am so glad that they taught us those values. We were raised to honor God, family, and country, and for that I applaud my parents!

Gina my daughter, Lilly my niece in the middle, and Vinny my son.
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Wednesday in Central Texas

I am blessed to live in such a pretty part of Texas. It feels like small-town America where people know each other and are friendly. We are located between big cities. There are lakes, rivers, hill country, and beautiful Texas vineyards. I like the weekday quiet and the weekend visitors. On weekends the streets and rivers are filled with visitors. I love watching the long lines of Harley Davidson bikes on road and parked around store. The rivers are calm during the week but on weekends it comes alive with people on floating alone in tubes. Below are pictures of my home town, New Braunfels. Tx. Come on over!

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Join Heidi for Wednesday Gratitude at Heart and Home for some good conversation and great fun. There is always something happening in her part of the country. Get out to adventure new places and meet new friends!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tuesday ~ Old West

I'm in the mood for southwest food because there was a food tasting demonstration at the grocery store this past weekend. The chefs made a delicious chili with meat, beans, and corn. They used a chili sauce that was outstanding. They also cooked up some beef-steaks seasoned with a spice mix. I bought the chili sauce and the spice mix. I bought beef fajitas and lightly marinated them in the chili sauce, then I added spices, and cooked them slowly. They came out great. I'm very impressed with the products.