Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wednesday ~ Gratitude & Grapes

I'm joining my good friend Heidi at Heart and Home for another wonderful Wednesday Gratitude. I'm so proud of my kids this summer. I'm grateful that they are following in God's light. Both of my kids volunteered to assist in Bible Camp. We are fairly new to our city and church, yet my kids went on their own to register as camp assistance. I am touched by their willingness to serve. I'm grateful that God keeps guiding them on the right path. I pray that they continue their grow closer to our Lord.

Today I want to share my Grape Vintage Apron. I'm so excited because I just bought it a couple of weeks ago. I did some sewing and ironing to bring this vintage beauty back to life. The colors are so vibrant. I love the purple so much that it reminds me of purple grapes.

I can't wear an apron and not think of food. I love grapes in salad. My mom puts grapes in her chicken salad and it is delicious. The textures of creamy dressing mixed with nuts and grapes is fabulous. I also like grapes in yogurt fruit salad. This ain't a typical canned fruit salad. Ripe fruits freshly cut make this a light salad for summer time.
Here are some BUDGET desserts. I like that they don't break bank, they taste good, and they are good for you too.

Grape Yogurt Salad
1 cup Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt
⅓ cups Granulated Sugar
⅓ cups Brown Sugar
½ cups Mayo
Juice From 1/2 A Lemon
½ teaspoons Ground Cinnamon
4 Apples (your Choice), Cored And Diced
1 Pear, Cored And Diced
1 Stalk Of Celery, Diced
½ cups Silvered Almonds
½ cups Walnuts, Chopped
2 cups Seedless Grapes, Halved
Mix all the dressing ingredients together in a medium-sized bowl. Stick this in the fridge while you make the salad. Once you have all the fruit and nuts chopped up, pour the dressing over and stir gently to coat.

Grape Tart ~ An elegant and delicious dessert that can be paired with a light cream cheese dip. Perfect for brunch! Recipe at Cooking Light. I'm getting hungry!
Yoli :)


  1. it is great to be grateful!! awesome you kids are doing that!! you can be proud :-)

  2. What a blessing your children are. I know you are very proud of them. That salad looks/sounds absolutely delicious and oh, the tart with coffee would be so good. Have a blessed day.
    Your apron reminds me of the prints that Grandmother used to wear. Sweet.

  3. Hi Yoli!
    Those are wonderful recipes, so tasty! I love grapes, too. And your apron is great looking, the pattern and the purple, lovely for spring and summer.
    Thanks for linking up again this week. Hope your days are happy ones.

  4. Cute apron! I love the one that you sent me from the giveaway! Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent!

  5. Cute Apron, and what a yummy looking recipe! It looks perfect for summer.

    Thank you for participating in the Creative Therapy Session at Life in the Pitts