Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday Random Thoughts

I'm sitting her thinking about my life and how fast time passes by.  I've been raising my kids alone for several years.  It is rewarding, exhausting, special, and demanding; all at the same time.  Being a single mom, working a full-time career and owning the apron business, really keeps me busy.  Most days I enjoy time with my kids, yet there are those days when I work late and come home exhausted.  I realize that my kids are leaving to college, my son in a few months and my daughter in 2 years.  I am going to miss them dearly.  But, lets consider another angle to this situation.  What am I going to do with my spare time when they leave home?  I've heard about empty-nest sadness, but will I experience that?   I've been told to look forward to freedom and to start a new chapter in my life.  I look forward to spending time with family, friends, and someone special.  I want to take walks on the beach, go to antique stores, sit a coffee shops, and ride a Harley motorcycle around the Texas Hill-Country.  Whatever God decides to send in my life, I look forward to receiving it with excitement and anticipation.  I hope you have a joyful weekend.


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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wednesday - Happy Birthday Emily Post

When I was growing up, we were taught manners and were expected to follow them at all times.  My father took the lead role of teaching us to be respectful and consideration towards other people.  He made sure that we understood that manners were expected at home and in public. My mother taught us social and business etiquette.  She lead by example in all parts of her life.  Teaching our children about manners must start at an early age, if we are to expect good results.  Being caring towards others and having self-respect are two areas to start teaching.  Teens need to learn how to get along in social situations so they can carry it with them in college.  Teaching manners is also very valuable in business settings.  Companies hire Etiquette Coaches for their employees, especially those who travel abroad. Learning other cultures and being respect toward diversity are essential to business success.  Internet social media sites also need to be handled with manners.  There are different considerations because much of the conversations are in text context, yet there are basic etiquette rules to follow. Good manners don't require extensive research, in fact it starts with basic common sense and following the golden-rule, "Do onto others as you would like to be done onto you". 

In honor of Emily Post, on her birth date, I share with you her ongoing work at The Emily Post Insitute

Emily Post (October 27, 1872 – September 25, 1960) was an American author on etiquette.  She lived a privileged life, educated at home, and married a prominent banker.  They had 2 children but the marriage ended a few years later.  Emily Post became a household name as she wrote travel books, etiquette books, spoke on a radio show, and rote a column.  In 1946, she founded The Emily Post Institute which continues her work.  Her work inspires a new era of etiquette for the 21st century.   The Emily Post Institute has a vast source of information on-line at and books are available on-line and at most national book stores.

Etipedia® - Etiquette + Encyclopedia search topics

Wedding Etiquette - Brides, Grooms, Families, Guests, Attendants, Engaged, New Times and New Traditions, Planning the Wedding, Wedding Invitations and Announcements, Wedding Attire, Wedding Registries, Gifts, Thank-yous, The Wedding Day, Remarriage, Guide for Guests.

Everyday Etiquette - Technology, Holidays, Celebrations, How Rude, Entertaining, Table Manners, Guidelines for Living, Important manners for Everyday Life, Common Courtesies, Your Personal Image.

Business Etiquette - Corporate Seminars, Train the Trainer, Business Image Consulting, Speeches, Spokesperson, Etiquette Abroad, The Interview, The Job Search, Client and Customers, Office Issues, The Social Side of Business, Workplace Relationships.

Home and Family - Children Seminars, Train the Trainer Children, Etiquette in School, College and Beyond, Teen Scene, Family Life at Home, Pregnancy, Birth, Adoption, Children, Teens, Today's Families, Separation and Divorce

Social Media - Ask your question @ the Emily Post Etiquette Daily, Advice, Tips and Resources for Parents - The Gift of Good Manners

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday - Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

When I was growing up we would watch the Waltons every week.  I loved the Waltons' Thanksgiving episode, and I still watch it if it plays on tv.  There is something warm and comforting about a simple way of life, true values, and the love of family.  I hope that the families of today build those types of relationships and memories.  I know that it takes an extra effort to cook a meal at home, especially when both parents work outside the house.  With kids being so involved with sports and hobbies, it is easier to drive-thru for supper.  I know, I am guilty of that myself.  But one thing I have learned is that the best conversations my kids and I have had are at the dinner table at home.  I'm blessed with good kids and I hope they take the good memories and cherish them.  I also hope that they will learn from my mistakes and shortcomings, and build upon them.  I wish you all a very happy harvest season with your family and friends.

Monday Blogging

1. Do you sleep with a night light on?  no
2. What do you drink with dinner? ice-tea
3. Do you play the lottery? If so, how often? never
4. How often do you go to the grocery store? once weekly
5. Would you rather travel back in time 500 years or travel forward 500 years?  Back 500 years

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pink Saturday in Austin

I'm spending the day with my daughter and my sisters.  It is a "Girls Day Out" and we are celebrating my sister Gracie's birthday.  We are going to start with a delicious breakfast, hopefully do some shopping, and go to my niece's birthday in the evening.  I love being in the big city because there is so much to do and truly enjoy time with family and friends.  While out shopping, one of the things that my daughter and I enjoy doing is looking at formal gowns.  We love wedding dresses, gorgeous accessories, and Cinderella dreaming.   I need to buy a couple of birthday gifts and  hopefully I will find something for myself.

Be sure to stop by Pink Saturday for more pink pictures and fun.  Enjoy your weekend.

Christian Dior - 2011 Collection

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday - French Texas

It is finally Friday.  I am so excited to have some time off from work.  I hope to be spending time with my sisters, do a little shopping and some dining out.   Living in central Texas puts me right in the middle of the fun.  There are so many boutiques and restaurants, and my theme this weekend will hopefully be "French".   I love my Spanish-Western life but I also enjoy getting out of my routine. 

Antique Stores

Shabby Slips is a gorgeous store.  Their merchandise is a marriage of unprecedented craftsmanship, distinct beauty and aesthetic harmony. Pairing exquisite fabrics with classic design and an array of hand selected antiques.

Jean-Marc Fray French Antiques area direct importer of distinctive antiques and decorative arts.  They offer an impressive collection of period and style pieces dating from the 17th to early 20th centuries working directly with an international network of dealers, auction houses and other trusted sources from all over France, Italy and Spain.

Pat Monroe Antiques collects and sells European furniture and decorative arts, specializing in French antique furniture. The antiques are dated from 17th through the 19th centuries with several additional mid- century art deco pieces.

Apron Senorita - My Vintage Apron

French Culinary in Texas

CHEZ NOUS Restaurant  is just as much a personal, unique, and authentic casual french bistro.  It is an authentic restaurant, quaint for a romantic dinner or entertaining with friends.

Aquarelle Restaurant Français is one of Austin's premier gourmet restaurants offering authentically prepared French cuisine, professionally served in a warm and romantic turn of the century home located in the heart of downtown Austin Texas.

Baguette et Chocolat, Authentic French Bakery and Pastry.  Owned by Chi-Minh who graduated from the famous National Institute of Bakery and Pastry and worked in the best pastry shop in Versailles.

La Madeleine Country French Cafe is known for a warm atmosphere, range of fresh and flavorful French country inspired dishes; savoury entrées/pastas/signature crêpes/sides a la carte/hot sandwiches/cold sandwiches/french specialties/homemade soupes/fresh salades/smart choices.  La Madeleine is an authentic French bakery, café and bistro. At La Madeleine, relaxation is the order of the day, and classical music plays softly in the background to soothe restaurant patrons. At Le Madeleine, you'll order your meals at the counter, and take away drinks on an industrial tray.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wednesday Gratitude

First of all, I want to welcome back a dear friend Heidi, who recently lost her father.  She is back blogging after a few days away.  Heidi hosts Wednesday Gratitude at Heart and Home. I pray that God heals the pain and fill her heart with precious memories.  Be sure to go by Heidi's place!

My father passed away a few years ago and I wish he was still around.  Dad celebrated his Hispanic culture.  I grew-up around fiestas, family, and lots of food.  We spent a lot of time in kitchen and around the barbeque pit.  There was always music and football games on television.  I started cooking at a  young age and loved playing hostess.  I'm still putting together things for the kitchen and for the family.  This week I'm working on more kitchen towels for a craft show I will be participating in. 

Tequila Lime Chicken

 Recipe from The Pioneer Woman, full recipe can be found here

Ingredients:     3 whole Limes, Juiced   -  5 cloves Garlic   -   1 whole Jalapeno, Sliced
1 teaspoon Salt    -   ½ cups Cilantro chopped    -   ½ cups Tequila    -   5 tbls Olive Oil
4 Chicken Breasts    -    Monterey Jack Cheese   -    Pico De Gallo     -    Mexican Rice 
Refried Pinto Or Black Beans   -    Sour Cream    -    Avocado Slices -     Flour Tortillas

Wednesday Blogs

Tuesday - Texas Clay Festival

There is another great event going on near my house in Gruene, Tx.  I want to do my part of promoting the arts and highlighting the work of crafters.  Buy local, buy handmade, by American. 

The 18th Annual Texas Clay Festivall is coming up this weekend and artists from all over state will come together to showcase their creations.  There will be demonstrations and gorgeous products to purchase.  Gruene is centrally located in Texas, just 5 minutes from Interstate 35.  If you're in Texas, I know you can get here from where you're at.  Plan a weekend in Gruene, Tx.  I promise you will love it.

Saturday- October 23 - 10am to 6pm
Sunday- October 24 - 10am to 5pm

Gorgeous Products

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday - Holiday Shopfest

November 6th - 7th, I will be participating at the Holiday Shopfest in Bulverde, Texas.  If you're in central Texas, be sure to go by, admission is free.  I will have a vendor booth and I plan to take some new products I've been working.  My senorita aprons are ready to go.  I also have several vintage aprons, Christmas stockings, beautiful senorita floral clips/pins, and my rustic Spanish book decor. I'm also looking forward to shop at the other vendor booths!  Come on by for a fun and fabulous time.   If you want information about the event, please feel welcomed to contact Brandi Otis at

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