Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ruby Tuesday in Greenland

For Ruby Tuesday I thought I would go to a cooler place, Greenland. It has been hot in Texas so we could use some cooling thoughts. As I was searching online for pictures I kept seeing a lot of red color accents. Hope you enjoy the trip.

Adventure out today. Find something new in your neighborhood or learn something interesting through reading a good book.
Yoli :)


  1. I was to Greenland twice in my life, both in the early 80's. What a different and wonderful land there

  2. Hi Yoly, many knew that Greenland is all green hehe. I told them no it's not it's more of white hahaha. Anyhow, I love the red in contrast of the white surrounding, very pretty. Happy Tuesday!

    RRT~Red Hollyhock

  3. That was a quick trip, but fun! Thanks for sharing it with us. Great idea to look at snow and ice to help cool down. Although we are having strong ocean breezes that keep the temp. very pleasant around here. I feel for you in the hot zones!
    Have a great week Yoli!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  4. Thank-you for visiting my site and the lovely compliment of it. I hope to see your blog again soon in RT