Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wednesday Gratitude ~ My Job

Heidi at Heart and Home is hosting Wednesday Gratitude. Join in the fun by going over to her blog and share your gratitude stories!
This week I want to share about being grateful for my job. I'm a working mom, supporting my teen kids on my own. I wish I could stay home and raise my them, but I do not have that luxury. I am blessed to work for a wonderful global company. They encouraged me to finish my college degree a few years ago, they assisted in my relocation a couple of months ago, and the benefits are the best. The fact that I have a job during this economic situation gives me more reason to be grateful. I try to show my gratitude to God through my good works. I do my part by committing to my job, learning new skills, and working as a team member. I had to travel to our corporate office on Monday & Tuesday for a training meeting . The trip was beneficial, effective, and enjoyable. I got to meet with peers and share ideas. We had dinner at a fabulous restaurant and I stayed at a very nice hotel.

God has truly blessed me professionally and therefore blessing my family. I am proud of the work I do and I always try to do my best. My gratitude comes from knowing that I can support my kids, give them what they need, and teach them good work ethics.

God Bless You!
Yoli :)


  1. Yoli, you rock! Whether women work in the home or out of the home, the important thing is that they take care of their kids. You are doing just that, and I bet you are doing a fabulous job. Your children are blessed! :-)

  2. Taking care of your kids is the most important thing. It doesn't matter if you stay home with them or work a job to support them. They are very blessed to have a Mom who is doing a great job balancing the life she has. You are teaching them to make the best of the life that they have.


  3. Hi Yoli,
    First let me thank you for being such a loyal participant in Wednesday Gratitude!I appreciate and am truly thankful for your support! Over time, I hope this event will bring even more of our blogging friends together!
    I love what you've written. Rarely do people really feel thankful for their jobs, until they've lost one! My husband was out of work for part of last year when his start up co. shut down. Believe me we don't take his employment for granted!
    You are teaching your kids a valuable lesson about survival, responsibility, and determination! What you are doing for them is wonderful, they are lucky to have you as a role model. The company you work for is lucky too, because you value what you do and take your contribution to the company seriously!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  4. You are obviously a very valuable employee and it appears as though your employer recognizes that. I'm so happy that you have a job and can provide for your children. I know they appreciate your wonderful example you are setting for them. I applaud you and your efforts!