Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend at the Rodeo

Weekend at the Rodeo: we've been anxiously waiting. A few weeks ago we bought tickets for the Rodeo & Country Music festivities. This will be the first rodeo we go to in San Antonio. We're used to our smaller rodeo back home. I plan to get an early start because there are so many things I want to see. I'm most looking forward to the Commercial Exhibits because vendors from all of the country will be there with arts, crafts, jewelry, furniture, and much more. The cattle shows start early so we want to be sure we get to see the livestock. The students put so much time into their projects that they deserve our attention and appreciation.

Romancing the Range: remember that I am single so I better wear my cowgirl best because I never know who I will run into. Maybe there will be a cowboy like John Wayne or Kevin Costner in Open Range. I could even change my name from "Apron Senorita" to "Cowgirl Senorita".

So much Food ~ So little Time: Oh my gosh, where do we start. My kids will want to try one of everything. I better carry some Rolaids and Pepto Bismal because someone is going to get sick before the day is over. They heard about fried Snicker bars. Lord help us all. It is going to be a fun adventure! Hope you're having a good weekend too! ~ Yoli :)