Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sister in Family ~ Sister in Faith

 My sister Angela is my angel.  A few years ago she invited me to a woman's ACTS Christian retreat, and it changed my life forever.  That was the biggest gift I could have ever received.  The retreat gave me the peace and courage I was looking for.  I grew-up in a Catholic home so I always had a strong foundation.  The retreat gave me a renewed strength and confidence to face my challenges as a single mother.  I will always be appreciative to Angela for the giving me the gift of faith.
Here are pictures of Angela and her family.  They are such a fun family.  I love that they take the time to do family things together, from traveling to fishing.  Her daughters are amazing young women.  My niece Alyssa graduated from college and Samantha is attending college right now. They are so independent and mature.

Here are my nephews, Rolie and Ray.  They are full of life, busy with sports, and love spending time at the beach.  They love hunting with their dad and going fishing.  They are awesome!!

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