Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Healthy Hair

Why does society fuss so much about hair?   Its either too much hair or the lack of.  Are we vere satisfied?   Just when I think men are so lucky because they don't have to worry about hair, I come to find that they too think about it.  If men would listen to me, I would say to them not to worry about it.  Look at these hot gorgeous men.  Who cares that they don't have hair. Their demeanor, confidence, and success are what makes them handsome and sexy.
Should I cut, trim, color change?   I'm getting frustrated with my hair because I've over worked it with too much heat from the blow-dryer, curling iron, and straightener.   I'm just one of those women that has to do her hair every day.  I need to trim the split-ends.  I also need a trim to lighten the weight of my hair.  I'm set with leaving it brown because that's my natural color. Oh, the fuss..... 
It's easy to see how hair is susceptible to breakages and frizz (hello, flat irons, daily blow drying), but that doesn't mean your tresses are damaged goods. Use these products and you'll feel like an undiscovered shampoo-commercial model. Thanks to argon oil and strengthening protein, "after just one wash, even color-damaged hair looks better".   Chose a hair color that is  loaded with olive and avocado oils, leaving hair shiny and healthy looking,"   Apply the hair color using a wide-tooth comb.   After 10 minutes, rinse your hair until the water runs clear.“To prevent the new color from washing out, skip the shampoo and instead distribute a hydrating conditioner from your roots to your tips.  Blow-dry in sections, wrapping each around a round brush and holding taut until hair is dry. Hair is more reflective when it’s smooth, so your new shade will look brighter if you straighten your hair. Once hair is dry, smooth on a serum or balm with a UV filter to prevent color from fading. 
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