Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday ~ Summer Gratitude

Summer vacation from school is almost over. We've had a busy summer and it went by so fast. My kids go back to school next week. My son will be in 12th grade and my daughter will be in 10th grade. It is amazing to think that my son will be a senior in high school this year. He got his first job this summer. My daughter is baby-sitting and she got her driver's permit a couple of weeks ago. I am very grateful to God for giving me kids that are responsible, mature, and happy.
We are done with the majority of our back to school shopping, just need a couple of school supplies. I often wait until school starts to buy some of the school supplies because the teachers hand-out their own suppy lists. I am proud to say that I financially survived back to school shopping with just a few minor dents to my piggy-bank. I did my job of getting the ready for school, now it is their turn to do well. I have all the confidence in them that they will do great.


  1. I'll be thinking of your excellent children as they head back to school - we have two weeks left, but have just gone and done our back to school shopping today - I left Son 1 alone with his list and he seems to have shopped effectively and thriftily - yes, I am proud too!

  2. Hi Sweet Yoli,
    I'm driving my big girl to college today. I know how you must be feeling about your kids getting older...
    You have done all the hard work by now, and they sound like great kids, because they had a great mom! Wish them luck from me as they start the new year. And luck to you, too, to survive it and all the demands that a school year brings. UgH! I feel like I have to experience each grade all over again with each child!
    Thanks for linking up, and for your patience with me through my funk, and your kind words.

  3. Fun stuff! I am not looking forward to my boys going to school already and I have a few more years before I have to think about it. Especially with some of the crazy things on the supply lists now!

  4. Oh, how quiet your home will be when they go back to school. I've been thinking of all the mothers sending their kids off. School's already back in session here.
    Check in at my blog. I've left you a little something.

  5. I know this year will be full of different emotions with a senior!! Come see me again soon.