Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thursday ~ Education & The American Dream

This past weekend the family met up to celebrate with my niece Samantha as she went off to college. Samantha is the daughter of my sister Angela. Their family now has 2 daughters attending the University of Texas. I wish my Samantha blessings and best wishes.

For lunch the family ate at Pappasito's Cantina. It is such a festive restaurant. I totally love the decor, it is so "Apron Senorita" style. The food was amazing and the service was the best.

Pictured are my Aunt, my Mother, and my Son. I am very thankful to my mother because she instilled in us the drive and discipline to go to college. She also made sure that we also passed that dream on to our children. I know that seeing my niece Samantha start college is a special moment for my mother. I know that if my father was still alive, he would be so proud.
My parents came from very humble beginnings as migrant workers when they were young. After my parents married, my mother dedicated herself to her studies at a local business school and toward building a career with a secure retirement. My father had strong work ethics and he was an entrepreneur who always sought ways to build a business. My parents taught us that the "American Dream" is about being self-supporting, having pride in our work, and getting an education. My parents would work 2 jobs each to ensure that we never went on welfare and never asked for charity. We were told that we needed to work for what we wanted. I am so glad that they taught us those values. We were raised to honor God, family, and country, and for that I applaud my parents!

Gina my daughter, Lilly my niece in the middle, and Vinny my son.
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  1. Pappasita's is the BEST! We have visited SA twice and both my children would move there in a flash. Lovely family time for you and yours.

  2. I am always inspired by stories of immigrants who grab that American Dream and make it work for them. How wonderful to hear of their successes! Thank you for posting this. Gratitude is an encouraging word.

    Stop by my post in this week's Thankful Thursday blog hop. I'm hoping to encourage wives as they encourage their husbands. Maybe you know someone in need of a little encouragement today.

  3. Oh how I love Pappasito's too!! Yes, going to college is such a great acheivement! Congrats to your family! I am soooo thankful that I was able to go too!

  4. Such a heart-felt, inspiring post. :) Just look at the joy in those faces! Happy TT, Yoli.

  5. Awesome values to pass on to your children!

  6. So glad to see you over at Thankful Thursday this week! And what a great post, I really enjoyed your pictures! -Blessings!