Friday, August 20, 2010

Pink Saturday

The beauty of pink flowers soften the weathered bell, making it look like a piece of art. How many times do we fail to see the beautiful accents in our life. There are times that a simple smile is worth a dozen roses. Maybe we can soften our thorns and reach out in friendship. I know I'm going to try. Lets choose to brighten up someone's day this weekend. I challenge you.


  1. Your post is very inspiring! I would like to work on focusing more on helping others this weekend, too. And the next week...and the next....


    Happy Pink Saturday!


  2. A beautiful photo with very encouragingly beautiful words. I take pictures like that bell. A difference in textures, difference in colors. Just like the world.
    Enjoy your weekend. I hope it's as relaxing as you need it to be.

  3. Love your posts! Following via Friendly Friday...hope you follow back!

  4. I'll take that challenge-Happy PS!

  5. You're right: there are so many times we take things for granted!

  6. Hi Yoli, I love the Bell and the umbrella in our favorite color. We need to stop and think bout our blessings and avoid taking things for granted. Nice post.
    Hugs, Jeanne