Friday, May 18, 2012

Support and Inspire

Here are a few tips to that will help you
influence another woman in a positive way:
Give her a sincere compliment
If you see a fellow sister wearing some cute shoes, sporting a funky haircut, or having glowing skin...TELL HER! Compliments are meant to be given and not hidden. You would be surprised at how life-changing a few words can be.
Be able to accept a compliment
When we see our mothers, sisters, and aunts denying compliments we tend to do the same. So, choose to be a better role model and learn to receive compliments. Stop saying, "This old thing?" or "You are just saying that because you're my friend". Instead, say "Thank you for noticing" and return the favor to someone else.
Stand up to gossip
If you are present when someone is being catty and degrading another woman, stand up for her! Inform them that you will not take part in the verbal assault. Or mention something positive, something that you admire about her.
Help the little sisters
Daughters, younger sisters, and other young women we encounter daily are in desperate need of sisterhood. Lead by example and teach them that other women are not the enemy. Instead of being competition minded (i.e., for male affection and attention) encourage them to be confidence minded. When we build self-esteem in others, our own self-esteem increases. And a boost in self-esteem can make us more attractive to potential dating partners and friends.

Start on your own journey to improve the lives of other women and let me know how it goes...  

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