Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mistakes Women Make in Middle Age - 4 of 11

Comparing yourself to you in your 20s


Have your kids ever asked, “Who’s that pretty lady in your photo album?” You’re not alone.

Few people look as attractive in middle age as they did in their younger years. So take a walk down memory lane if you must, but don’t get depressed if you run into your younger self.

The goal is to look as good as you can—and be as healthy as you can—not recreate the body and face you had decades ago.



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  1. Hi Yoli! This was great! I hate to see women who look their actual age trying to dress and wear their make up as they did 30 years ago! UGH! We are what we are and I think the Lord did a fantastic job so I try to be as happy as possible. Happy Mother's Day to you!