Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Talking Tuna

When I was young, my mother would cook up home-made tuna casserole.  It was heaven in a dish.  Even to this day she can make a delicious meal out of a few ingredients. We were a family of 5 kids so my parents had to get creative in order to feed all of us on a budget.  Mom worked full-time but she managed to whip-up scrumptious dishes in snap.  Back then we weren't allowed to be finicky and we certainly didn't go out to eat much.  When supper was on the table, we either liked what was served or we starved. 

Now that I'm a parent, I can't image how it was for mom to have to cook for so many.   I'm a single mom of 2 older teens kids who fend for themselves a lot now, so my cooking isn't in high demand anymore.  My son is leaving to college in a few months and I'm so glad he knows how to cook for himself.  It is time to take a trip down memory lane.  I'm going to cook a tuna casserole this week.  It won't be as good as Mom's, but it will be just fine.  Yum, Yum...can't wait.

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  1. I haven't had a tuna casserole in years...it was a staple in our house growing up too. Thanks for the link!

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  6. Sounds so good! My grandmother would always make tuna casserole. I havent had it in seems like forever! I really need to try to make some:)

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  8. Great post! Eat or starve....that's how it was at my house too. My 5 are spoiled! My mom stayed home so we had home cooked meals. I work so my kids (who are almost all moved out and grown) pretty much fend for themselves. I think I'll make Tuna Casserole tonight though! Sounds Yummy. :D

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