Wednesday, May 18, 2011

American West ~ Roses are Red

I am thrilled.  I just received a birthday gift from my sister Jessica from  JOY Marie's Boutique.  She gave me a gorgeous American West purse.  Jessica is more than my sister, she is one of my best friends.  She is a beautiful woman of faith, strength, and beauty.  I'm older than she is yet her wisdom often comforts me.  Her love for family is admirable and she has a very giving heart.

I'm a Western- Senorita at heart.  I was raised in deep south Texas where cowboys and senoritas often fell in love.  My design style tends to navigate towards a rustic elegant style.  I have a deep love for Americana and the stories of the old West.   I love American West collections because they are individually hand crafted one-at-a-time from 100% hand-picked genuine leather.  The mere mention of "American West" conjures up images of cowboys and pathfinders in search of new frontiers. With this pioneering tradition, American West celebrates the human spirit that lives on in the hearts of many, still today as in days gone by. 

Visit Jessica at her website and Etsy Store.

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