Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Activities for Kids ~ Fun & Frugal

It.s that time again.  School is almost out.  Stay-at-home mothers will be putting away their home-school supplies for the summer.  Kids will be jumping for glee as they leave their school campus for the last time.  Eager and excitement will fill their heart.  It is so important that we continue to give them something to motivate their creativity and keep them physically active.  
I remember when my kids were young it was so easy to find things to entertain them during summer vacation.  They would stay home from school, play games, watch TV, attend summer camp, and vacation bible school.  We didn't have a lot of money so we had to get creative.  It really doesn't take a lot of money to have fun and build special memories.  My suggestion to a stress-free summer with the kids is to plan ahead.  Start by taking a calender and write in activities.  Be sure to include activities going on in your community.  To help you come up with theme ideas for the day, you can also include those odd National Holidays that we never seem to remember:  June 2011   July 2011   August 2011 .


Summer Activities for Kids ~ Fun &Frugal

Attend a summer bible camp.
See a $1 movie at the theater.
Have a water fun day. 
Attend “story time” at your local library. 
Set up a lemonade stand.
Teach your kids to fly a kite.
Do fun science experiments.
Kids can play chef for the day.
Build a fort or castle in the living room. 
Host a board game day.
Have a water balloon fight. 
Have a pet bathing party.
Create a mini-me poster and decorate.
Enjoy a pajama day.
Spend a day volunteering your time.
Setup a backyard camping.
Have a scavenger hunt.
Have a kid friendly yard sale.
Put on a musical or play.
Create a container garden.
Go to a bookstore reading program.
Look for free events in your city.
Host slumber party rotations.
Have a backyard Olympics.
Have a potluck block party for kids.
Make sock puppets.
Learn a new language.
Assemble a jigsaw puzzle.
Paint with watercolors.
Make a summer scrapbook.


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