Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pack a lunch Sister...

Ordering "take-out" food for lunch is getting expensive and time consuming.  With the lunch rush and my budget, I just can't keep up the frenzy.   I started my drive-thru addition so innocently by pick-up Happy Meals for me and the kids.  It was fast, convenient, and economical.  They are now teenagers and have outgrown it, but I haven't.  I try to justify it by ordering lunch from a nicer restaurants.  Truth is I'm still not making healthy selections, just spending more money.   When is it time for mommy to grow-up? (LOL)

My goal today is to make a grocery shopping list specifically for lunch items that I can bring to work.  I bought a small refrigerator for my office and there is microwave I can use.  There is no excuse for not eating healthier and peacefully.  I don't have to rush through drive-thru restaurants and then feel guilty about the extra pounds.  What I have noticed is that meal "presentation" is so appealing to me.  Presentation is the "toy" affect which will keep me coming back.   I love the beautiful packed lunches below and I can easily make them.  I'm excited and looking forward to healthier and happier lunches!

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  1. I agree that is sure is healthier to eat in (and cheaper too of course). Most of the time I don't have the energy to prepare the ones above. I grab a yogurt and a piece of fruit, ha! Good luck to you!


  2. You know what's funny - down below for Meet Me on Monday - not only did you also choose Sopranos like me, but I almost chose a lucky number and it would have been 11!

    I used to buy frozen entrees to take for lunch - Lean Cuisine's etc., but it was so expensive! I try to pack leftovers from dinner now and it has been so much cheaper. I can't believe it took me so long to figure this out!

    Thanks for the follow. Will follow you.

  3. Following you from the Tuesday trail hop. Those pictures made me hungry lol.

  4. Thanks for following me! I'm now following back, I love the look of your blog!

  5. Well good grief, if I could make a sack lunch look like those pictures I'd have MUCH better success LOL!

    It's hard, especially when wendy's is SO Good at it!!

    Good luck!!

    Thanks for riding the train today!
    The Survival Mama

  6. Newest follower stopping by from the hop to say hi. Hope you will drop by my page as well



  7. Love those pics-yummy lunch. And I hear ya on the happy meals thing. For some reason, I snag one every now and again. But you may have inspired me to try something more healthy. Thank you!

  8. Hey! I'm a new follower! Come follow me too?