Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brunch Ideas from Curtis Stone

Who can resist a having delicious brunch prepared by a handsome chef?   I'm talking about the gorgeous and talented chef Curtis Stone.  He can come to my  house any time to teach me how to cook up his savory brunch ideas from his new cookbook, Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone.   Sadly to say that cute Curtis is not coming over to cook for me, so this Mother's Day I shall plan to be the sassy chef in the kitchen.  I'm sure my 2 teen kids will help with preparations.  I need to make a menu and grocery list.  I also need to pick-up some decor items at the store.  We can either prepare a formal brunch with tablecloth and nice table settings, or casual shabby-chic.  I'm going to keep the menu fun and flavorful with a few breakfast pastries or pancakes, fruit, and prepared quiche.  The fun part is setting the mood by opening the curtains to let the light in, placing some flowers on the table, and spring scented candles.  I also can't forget to have some music lightly playing in the background, like jazz or coffeehouse music. Sounds fun and exciting.  I can't wait.

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