Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Flower Garden

I love flowers but I don't have a green thumb.  My mother came by my house Sunday and noticed the dead weeds in my flower bed in front of the house.  It seems that everything I plant in that area eventually whithers away.  The soil is very shallow and it looks like it could use some soil nutrients.   Potting plants and flowers is a skill that my sisters and mother have mastered but not me.  They have beautiful gardens and know the expert tips and advice on plants, yards, and gardening.  It all started back when we were kids working in my father's plant nursery business.   

I don't even own any garden tools.  Then I heard that garden tools should be sanitized so they don't spread diseases from one plant to another....huhhh?    I think I will start by look for garden tools at the flea market so I don't have to spend too much.  I can clean them up and file them for a sharper edge. Next is picking the right plant. First of all, I have no idea what plants to choose so I'm going to a local nursery for a few flowers.  I'm going with container gardens because I love flowers but I also love the beautiful pottery.  Container gardens offer the ability to garden in a small area and the flexibility to rearrange the plants in countless interesting variations.   The beauty and color of flowers make an inspiring curb appeal.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Good luck! :)

  2. Gorgeous! I wish I could put something together like that in my garden.

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  4. How pretty! Tulips are my favorite, especially the pink ones.

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