Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dancing with the Stars

My daughter and I watched Dancing with the Stars last night.  It is going to be a great season, with a lot of good dancers.  My personal favorite team is Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovsky.  I was thrilled at how great Kirstie danced. She was full of energy, spirit, and had great rhythm.  The audience loved her performance and so did the judges. Go Kirstie!

I chose to post this picture of Kirstie because it represents so much to me.  She is a beautiful woman, but she is also a woman in her own light.  In the picture you can see wisdom wrinkles and smile lines.  Like all of us, she isn't perfect. The tabloids always find the "junk" about people and post it; and with Kirstie it has been her weight battle.  So many women in America have the same struggle, including myself.  Regardless of our size, we are still gorgeous women.  We have a precious heart, yet sometimes we are hard on our self.  Our smile lights up a room, but we cry inside when someone criticizes  us.  Our confidence grows with every challenge we meet head-on, and our love for life increases with every passing year. 

We are women. 
We are unique. 
We are special. 
We are passionate. 
We are strength.
We are courage. 
We are resilant. 
We are harmony. 
We are grace. 
We are hope.
We are love.

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  3. I have never seen Dancing with the Stars. I do know a lot of people that are obssessed with it though, ha! I have always liked Kirstie Allie from the days of Cheers!


  4. AMEN! I'm rooting for Kirstie, she's always been a favorite of mine.

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  6. Great post Yoli. So true. I wish all women were as FOR other women as you are. We do need to support each other instead of bring each other down. I like your style, lady! Keri


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