Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Spring Greens

Paula Deen is such a big inspiration to me.  She has such a beautiful way of inviting people into her kitchen and making them feel like family.  I found an article on her website about Paula's Spring Greens and how Savannah plays host to the second largest St. Patty’s Day celebration   I noticed in the picture that she is wearing such an adorable apron.  I'm excited that "Paula Deen Aprons" will be available at retailers soon... yes even though I make aprons myself.   

 I had such a nice dinner with my son Friday night.  We cooked at home, just the two of us and in fact he made most of the food.   It felt like we were Paula Deen and one of her sons cooking in the kitchen.  My son Vincent will be graduating from high school in a couple of months and leaving for college.  I'm glad that he can take care of himself.   My little boy has grown up.  I'm trying to make the most of the time he has at home.  We made grilled talapia fish in olive oil, seasoned with a classic blend of flavors like garlic, black pepper, mustard, and salt.  We also made fresh asparagus grilled in extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with lemon pepper.  As a side dish we had a field green and romaine salad topped with honey mustard dressing.  It was so elegant and flavorful.  The best part was spending time with my son.  I'm a happy and blessed mama.


  1. Hola Yoli, me encanta seguir tu blog es realmente hermoso e interesante y me gustaría que pasaras por mi blog para que tomaras un premio que tengo para ti. Saluditos y besos.

  2. You are a wise woman to make the most of the time left before your son goes to college. Our kids do actually grow up and get their own lives! lol How fun to cook with your boy. My son calls for recipes to make for his wife now. blessings on your day!