Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Peachy Tuesday


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Project of the Week

I have several ongoing project but my main focus right now is finishing up the Senorita tote bags.  I am making them in several different designs.  I'm debating if I should be a flower or just a simple raffia bow.  I also like burlap ribbon. These tote bags are so handy.  I carry one to work with me every day with my books, makeup, and snacks.  I always have to have reading material with me, whether a magazine or book.  I know people use electronics to read, but for me there is something about books.  Carrying my make-up bag is essential.  There is more than just make-up in there for freshening up during the day.  Tote bags are awesome,  handy, and can create a signature look.


  1. hi im now following you from tuesday follow me back! hope you return the favor. thanks!


    ps. I love the styles above!

  2. Cute totes!!! Such a talented lady!


  3. What wonderful photos! And I agree with you about tote bags - I have one for each pupil I teach, stacked in the corner by the front door, so I just have to pick up the relevant bag(s) when I'm on my way out...

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  5. Hello Honey. I had to stop in to see how you were doing. I hope you are well. I love the weathered candle/flower holder. It gave me an idea and I am off and running. Much love to you dear. If you grab a moment come to my blog because I learned how to fix that no thumbnail problem in the reader list and want to see your pics shining at me in the reader list too.

  6. I am so into the southwest colors it's almost ridiculous. But it can't be because they are so cool!

    Glad you hopped on the Train ride!

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