Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Sweetness

Getting to meet new people has got to be the sweetest part of blogging.  I don't just want to tell my daily story but I want to read what other people do.  I get thrilled when I see blog with pictures of different parts of the country.  It is my way of taking a trip and seeing the precious nuggets that are tucked away in the American landscape.  I like hearing about people's adventures and learning what has worked for them.  My hope is that I too can share my heart.  I want people to read between the lines how grateful and blessed I am by such a loving God.  It is most important that I carry a message of courage, courisosity, and challenge.  I want people to feel a sense of curiousity in learning something new or getting to meet someone.  I hope that people have the courage to step out of the box, to extend themselves to reach new dreams and embrace greater visions.  I want people to feel challenged to improve our world, starting at the community level.  It is through giving of ourself that we recieve the most reward.  Start with a faith based foundation and build upon one adventure at a time. 

1. Do you have any New Year's resolutions? 
I have several resolutions that are all based on personal growth; faith, happiness, and self-awareness.

2. What food item are you craving right now?
We bought trail mix at the grocery store but I haven't opened the package yet.  I'm going wait for tomorrow.

3. When is your birthday?
April 28th
4. What were you doing an hour ago?
I have been watching the launch of the Oprah Winfrey Network.  The shows that will be on the network sound fun, informative, and encouraging.

5. Last thing you cooked?
I made "Chalupas".  They are like a taco salad bowl but the tortillas is fried flat. I got the idea of making them when I walked in the grocery store and they had gorgeous huge avocados on sale.
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  1. Haven't tuned in to Oprah's channel, but it is appealing.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about OWN. I have been meaning to check it out but forgot all about it.

  3. Hello..I watched OWN and there is some really good shows that are going to be on it...very inspiring..thank you for your post...I too love to blog hop to see where people live what life is like on the rest of the planet...I found your blog via a blog hop..


  4. April 28th, 1985 - The largest sand castle in the world was completed near St. Petersburg, FL. It was four stories tall. Dang, I don't get the channel for the Oprah netwok.
    Meeting up on Monday.
    I'm a follower.
    Do drop by. Comments make me ☺
    Laurie from

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  7. I love good trail mix:)

    Fellow Blog Hopper:)

  8. Hi there! Thanks for the reminder about OWN, I have been wanting to check it out to. Love your aprons, when I have more time I want to come back and really look around. New follower here from Meet Me Monday. Drop by and see me if you get the chance, thanks!


  9. Following with GFC. LOVE your cute aprons. I wish I could sew, but I only seem to be able to handle straight lines like curtains!

    Since I'm always in the kitchen, it would be nice to have a flirty apron. I need to hint to my hubby.

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  11. I have got to try an avacado some day...

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    It's great getting to know you, Have a great week!