Saturday, January 22, 2011

Color Smiles

I love the bright bold colors.  They just make me smile even after a busy day!  My week was long, exhausting, and the weather was gloomy.  My son was sick for several days in the hospital, but he is back home and feeling better.  During the week I felt like I had lost my "spark".   I didnt' have time for myself.  I wasn't resting well and I wasn't feeling creative.  I didn't sew or work on my tote bags designs as planned.   I know that priorities change at a moment's notice and we have to roll with the flow; but I have to admit that I missed my routine life.

This weekend I am going to make time to read some of my magazines, which always give me inspiration.  I also have instructional handbooks on improving my business that I want to review.  Saturday morning I'm going to a couple of consignment stores and the fabric store.   I have plenty of projects to keep me entertained.

I sincerely feel that God made us to be creative, productive, and constantly growing.  People are happier when interacting socially and personally evolving.  I hope you have a good weekend and you enjoy some beautiful colors in your life.



  1. Glad your son is better Yoli and that is probably why you feel as though you lost your spark. Hope you feel better soon and you do have the right attitude of getting out there and doing it. Take care and have a great weekend.

  2. Hope everyone is "back on track" soon!

  3. I love this room!
    I found you via Stepping By Saturday. Glad I did.
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  4. I agree completely about God creating us to be creative. God was creative himself as in the very beginning of Genesis, God created the heavens and earth! He wants us to be creative like him!
    Visiting from the Friday Blog Hop. So nice to meet you. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  5. Hope everyone is feeling better Yoli.
    These pictures are Amazing. I love the green Chair.
    Have a great weekend

    New follower through Saturday Hop.


  6. So glad your son is feeling better!!! The pictures are very pretty, love the bright cheerful colors, they can inspire anyone. Take care of yourself, and get out there and enjoy your weekend. You seem to be such a creative person, and doing things you love, always makes one feel better.

    Here's to a great weekend!!


  7. Bright colors make me smile, too. Hope everything is back to normal soon. Here's hoping you have a restful weekend.

  8. Thanks for visiting and becoming my 300th follower :D Glad your son is feeling's definitely hard when one of your children is sick. Now following back!

  9. Love the bright colors! Love the aprons! Hopping over from Well to Do blog. Stop over and see us sometime, thanks!