Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday - Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

When I was growing up we would watch the Waltons every week.  I loved the Waltons' Thanksgiving episode, and I still watch it if it plays on tv.  There is something warm and comforting about a simple way of life, true values, and the love of family.  I hope that the families of today build those types of relationships and memories.  I know that it takes an extra effort to cook a meal at home, especially when both parents work outside the house.  With kids being so involved with sports and hobbies, it is easier to drive-thru for supper.  I know, I am guilty of that myself.  But one thing I have learned is that the best conversations my kids and I have had are at the dinner table at home.  I'm blessed with good kids and I hope they take the good memories and cherish them.  I also hope that they will learn from my mistakes and shortcomings, and build upon them.  I wish you all a very happy harvest season with your family and friends.

Monday Blogging

1. Do you sleep with a night light on?  no
2. What do you drink with dinner? ice-tea
3. Do you play the lottery? If so, how often? never
4. How often do you go to the grocery store? once weekly
5. Would you rather travel back in time 500 years or travel forward 500 years?  Back 500 years


  1. I haven't seen the Walton's Thanksgiving episode in ages. I really have to check that out again. Did you make that beautiful wreath?

    Have a great week!

  2. love love love the wreath with the oranges on it!!! Great idea!!! Thanks for stopping by our site!! NOw following you

    Julie and Adele
    The Coupon Cents Sisters

  3. Hi I am anew follower from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop. Hope you can stop by my blog...