Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday - Spring Break, Beach, and Sandwiches

It is Wednesday again and I'm joining Heidi at Heart and Home for Wednesday Gratitude. This week I am grateful that my kids are out of school on Spring Break. They are spending the week with Grandma, who is spoiling them for sure. I am grateful for a quiet house....shhhh.
The kids are going to South Padre Island, TX. It is a beautiful beach resort just 50 miles from Grandma's house. Here is a picture of my kids at SPI a couple of years ago.
I'm linking to Outdoor Wednesday. It is perfect timing because the my kids will be going to the beach today. I'm sure they will have fun while I work all day in my indoor office.... blah.

I'm also posting at The Thrifty Home with Jen at her Penny Pinching Party. While I am alone this week, I bought ingredients to make submarine sandwiches, which is my Penny Pinching brag. I could eat sandwiches ever day, so this penny pinching idea works for me. I bought a pack of sub-breads, honey ham, tomatoes, and a bag of Lays BBQ baked chips. The total came up to $11. I already had cheese, mayo, and lettuce at home, so I did save there. I bought enough to have a sandwich for 4 evenings. I figured out that 1 meal at Subway or Quizznos would easily be $6-$7. I am saving money while I enjoy one of my favorite quick meals and I'm not tempted to go out since I have groceries at home.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
Yoli :)


  1. Morning Yoli, I was shocked to see someone post to Outdoor Wednesday at the same time I did. I am usually up at this time of the morning, but I wondered why you were up.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday.


  2. I hope your kids have a great time. It is so much cheaper to eat at home, and often, it is tastier too.

  3. Hi Yoli!

    Yeah! You get some quiet time! That is something to be happy about!

    Thanks for sharing...and Happy gratitude day!


  4. I hope you're enjoying your quiet time! You deserve a break.