Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday ~ Marvelous & Magical

It is Blue Monday at Smiling Sally!! Go on over and share your favorite blue treasures or stories. I am sharing the beautiful Blue hair bows that were a hit at the Harlingen Jackson Street Festival that my sister and I did this past weekend. They were eye-catching and totally stunning in person. My sister Jessica from JOY Marie's Boutique is the one who made these. You know that turquoise blue is my favorite color, so I think they are perfect!!

For the festival, I made the flower hair pins. They were so easy to make. I'm a bit OCD and I work best in an assembly line style. I first separated the flowers into groups of 4 petals, and then got efficient by stapling the petals together in the center. I then got my alligator clips and measured a strip of ribbon to cover the back. I cut all the ribbons at once. I glued the ribbon and clip at the same time to the back of the flower. I put a sparkle gem in the middle, and then I was done...yeepie!!
I am joining in for the 1st time at The Creative Girl on “Just Something I whipped up Monday”. I just found her blog and a love it!!!! Since I made the flower hair pins, I am proud to post them as something that I whipped up.

I also just found Keeping it Simple where Kasysi is having Motivate Me Monday. I try to make things easy, like using a stapler to secure the flowers which is safe because it is covered on both side. On Motive Me Monday, I am so motivated to learn how to make ribbon hair bows. I have tried doing them before but they were ugly....yes, I can admit that they were pretty bad. My sister Jessica made the ribbon bows posted above. I had her teach me this past weekend. There is really any art to them. I can sew, but I can't make pretty bows yet....but I'm motivated to learn.

My grand finale is to join for the very first time at Making the World Cuter Monday. I think it is a great life concept. Our festival booth did so great this past weekend because what we had was cute. We used bright colors, displays, and fun crafts. Little girls were gleaming with happiness when they would put on their bows and flowers, so I guess I truly do feel that I made the world cuter!!
Make time to enjoy your Monday in a marvelous and magical way!
Yoli :)


  1. I love to see pretty girls with hair bows. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Those are super cute!!! I really want to make some of these, but have three boys... so I haven't yet :)

  3. Bows are very popular right now, my niece has taken up making them for craft shows. These are very nice. Happy Blue Monday!