Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You go Girl

I'm supposed to be the wise older sister, but my sister Jessica is running circles around me. I think she's the computer guru in the family. Jessica setup a video display on her blog for one of her jewelry designs. It looks so cute.

I see so many beautiful blogs out there and I wish I could be more computer savvy. I have to hand it to you ladies, your blogs look amazing. Also, I love the photos you take. I wonder if I ask Santa for fancy new digital camera/recorder, if I will get it for Christmas. Hey, it doesn't hurt to :)

Ya'll have a spectacular day!

1 comment:

  1. Purple and green are my FAVORITE color combos!! Nicely done below.

    On the technology stuff! Don't worry. If you look around the internet there are AWESOME tutorials to show you step by step which way to go and do what you want! And also just ask when you go to a blog how they did that. Most people are happy to share. This stuff is not top secret. Hee hee :)