Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friday Road Trip ~ Weslaco, TX

Hola Amigos, welcome to my home town Weslaco, TX . We are "Deep in the Heart of Texas". Pull up a chair. Kick-off your boots and sit a spell. Can I offer you a cold Margarita with extra lime?

Weslaco is located in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) of deep south Texas. We are rich in agriculture, farming, industry, medical, and education. RGV borders Mexico and is by the Gulf of Mexico. Our culture is rich in Tex-Mex, a mix of Texas & Mexico. You can see the Spanish architecture influence in our buildings . Cowboys and Senoritas are common in these parts of the country. We have beautiful golf courses, nature centers, major medical centers, a private airport, and several antique stores downtown. During the winter we host thousands of retired people who we lovingly call "Winter Texans". During the evenings our parks are full with families watching their kids play sports. High school football is big in Texas and you can find us at the stadium watching our 2 high school teams. Weslaco has a population of about 30K, and everyone knows everyone! Most of the local residents are Christians and we have several beautiful churches. English is the primary language spoken and most people also speak Spanish. Weslaco keeps up with politics, education, and cultural events.
I sincerely thank you for joining me on this tour. Next Friday we will visit a local attraction, could be Mexico, South Padre Island, local restaurants, or a nature trail. You tell me what you prefer to see and I will gladly host. As we say, "Mi Casa es su Casa" (my house is your house), and you are welcomed any time! ~ Adios Amigos, Yoli :)

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  1. On, oh, Mexico please! (Or the nature trail - that does sound good, too.)

    This is so exciting to learn about your part of the world, Yoli. We live near (ish) the Spanish border, and have popped across it a few times. Maybe that makes us a little bit like your part of the States. My boys are learning Spanish as their third language, and, as the younger one finds it quite hard, I am learning alongside him as his elder brother and I help him through the homework! I am a very slow learner...