Friday, September 25, 2009

My Beloved Latina

We get so many requests for the "Latina Senoritas" aprons. I guess it makes sense since we're in deep south Texas in the beautiful Rio Grande Valley. We have these availabe at our JOY Marie's Boutique.

My Beloved Latina is gorgeous & glamorous and full of life! This apron was specially created for the City of Weslaco Museum that is having a special event this weekend that emphasizes the Hispanic culture & influence in our area. We are thrilled to be able to donate this custom apron for their silent auction event. The apron is reversible featuring two unique & distinctive designs. The fabric, colors, and lace trim on captures the beauty & sensuality of the Latino culture.


  1. Oh Yoli, I love it!
    Such a cute apron, such a cute blog and I adore Ace of Cakes!
    Good job. :)

  2. Those are so spicy and regionally wonderful! Your flavor and personality shine in your apron creations. :)

    Also I like your updated profile picture!

  3. What an adorable apron and I might add just the right amount of spice! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such kind words on my blog! I enjoy meeting new friends via blogland ...I will certainly be back to visit your wonderful blog.

  4. How beautiful are your aprons!!! you do amazing work!!! suggestions from me??? Oh!! i think you are doing just fine..they are just gorgeous!!! Paris appeal??? I will email you on that.

    Your blog is also wonderful...See you have my favorite store on your blog Anthropogolie...I could actually live there.

    all the best to you!!
    Great work.


  5. THanks for visiting my blog and the prayers, your aprons rock!!