Sunday, September 13, 2009

Typical Sunday

Typical Sunday for the Kalkofen family is Church, going out to eat, watching our Dallas Cowboys play football, the kids doing their homework, and finishing up on laundry. I know it is a day of rest, but a day at home at times ends up being more more....but I wouldn't trade my life for a million bucks. Hope you're having a blessed weekend! ~~ Yoli :)


  1. Yoli,
    Thank you for visiting my blog, it is so very nice to meet you! : )
    La Donna

  2. Yoli,

    How can I not fall in love with a blog called Apron of the Month Club?! Love it! Happy football Sunday!

    P.S. Chef Duff is in your sidebar! I love Ace of Cakes! :o)

  3. Love your picture collage. We usually have a long to-do list on Sunday's too. I forget about it being set aside and the day of rest. Good reminder. Don't know if it can happen, but it would be nice to try.