Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday - February Love

I love PINK.   I like all shades, especially hot pinks.  Valentine's Day decorations are so pretty and cheerful.  There are 2 things that my kids love that are pink; cookies and drink smoothies.  My daughter Gina usually bakes Valentine's cookies for my son.  It is nice to see teenagers getting along.  They also like fruit smoothies.  We usually buy those at the mall, but it would be so much economical if we make them. Same thing with cookies.  Gina always has to buy her cookies at the mall.  The cost of 1 double stuffed cookie at the mall is the price of 1 package at the grocery store.  I know what she is thinking.... "it isn't the same from the store".  Thank God I only have 2 kids because I would be broke...LOL.    I think I'm going to look for fruit smoothie recipes and cookie decorating ideas so we can try at home.  Best wishes for a wonderful and colorful February!


  1. That looks really delicious. I've got strawberries right now and perhaps I'll make the drink. Nice post. What happened to OWOH event? You didn't join after all? Have a great day.

  2. This post is pretty and yummy - and perfect for Pink Saturday. I hope to see you there.♥

  3. I'm a pink lover too! Those looks delicious!