Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sisterhood of Support for Lindsay

Today I am visiting at Spiritual Sundays with Charlotte and Ginger.  It has been my comfort and blessing to been a part of this sisterhood of women who often have carried me with prayer.  We have never met in person but we have met in spirit.  God has given women the power and comfort to support each other.  We know that there is no struggle to big for God to overcome.  He has made us to be loving, caring, courageous, and beautiful.

Somewhere through my blogging stroll I found Lindsay at Spoons, Spades & Stitches.  I was touched by her situation because she is also starting her 3rd round of chemo.  She has a beautiful family and they are blessed with precious little girl who will be turning 1 year old soon.  Please share some of love, prayer, and best wishes to her and her family. 

You can also follow Lindsay here:



  1. What a sweet way to share with each other the love and blessings God has given us. I will go visit her and I'm glad Aunt Connie is doing well.

  2. PTL for the great update on your aunt. I have several other friends dealing cancer - on and off-line. Lots of prayers going and I am so grateful to be continually reminded that GOD IS IN CONTROL! What joy. Blessings on this Spiritual Sunday! :)

  3. Your aunt looks beautiful. Praise the Lord that she is doing so good. I will be praying for Lindsay.
    God Bless,

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  5. What a wonderful praise for your Aunt Connie. I will check out Lindsey and put her on my prayer list. Isn't it wonderful to pray together even if we don't know each other? Our love of God makes us sisters of the heart.

  6. Glad to hear this news about your Aunt Connie. And I am praying Lindsay too. I'm so glad you are a part of our Spiritual Sundays family.