Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Word Filled Wednesday


So now you are not a slave; you are God's child,
and God will give you the blessing he promised,
because you are his child.
Galatians 4:7

My life changed when I fully accepted God as father, my guide, my hope.  It is the promise from God that has given me strength, comfort, and courage.  It is renewing of faith on a daily basis that keeps me calm.  I know I could not function without him.  When things get tough at work or its gets challenging raising my teen kids, I quiet myself and try to listen to Him.  I am a child of God and he does not want me to live in bondage.   The shackles of shame and insecurities are broken by a loving God who gives new life.  I am a single mom working hard to protect my kids (Vince 18yrs and Gina 16 years) and I need to remind myself that God is also working hard to protect me, his child of 46 years.  God is with you.


  1. Amen! You and I touched on a similar subject. I talked about FREEDOM from slavery!

    Happy WFW!