Monday, July 25, 2011

We Never Stayed There

Growing up in deep south Texas meant that I got to spend summers at South Padre Island.  It is a very pretty resort area.  My father loved the beach.  "Back in the Day" we would load-up our stuff and all 7 of us would pile into the family station wagon for a day at the beach.  My dad would put-up a home-made tent cover to protect us from the sun and we would eat sandwiches my mother packed for us.  There were other times we would spend several nights camping out.  In those days things were different.  It was safer and people helped each other.  I remember playing in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico without a care in the world.  During spring break and the summer, there were concerts and we got to go to all of them.  We were just kids, teenagers at best.  My oldest sister Gracie took care of us a lot of the time.  I remember walking along the shore and seeing beautiful beach houses.  I always wondered how they looked inside.  I used to image that I lived lived in those houses but it was just me having fun imagining.  We never stayed there.  But one thing for sure, what has stayed with me are the wonderful memories.  Those times are precious for me, totally priceless.




  1. That is a gorgeous home!

  2. wow! although i have a modest townhouse in comparison .. i am bookmarking this for inspiration. this is the exact same color scheme i want. i love this.

  3. What a gorgeous spot and as much as I've been longing to go back to Italy or some new exotic location, it's a reminder that we have some amazing places here in the US.