Friday, July 8, 2011

Make do and Mend


"Make do and Mend" is something parents are used to doing.  Life is about changing and adjusting to new circumstances.  I remember my life being selfish until the children start coming and then all of a sudden I have a greater meaning and purpose.  Often I think my story is so much more complicated because I'm a single mother. The fact is that many people are struggling during these times.  Many people are out work and others are falling behind on mortgages.  Raising children is different than before because social media often has no filter and kids get exposed to things way too young.  Sometimes doing without the latest technology might not be a bad thing.  My experience as a single parent has certainly had some challenges, God was there go guide us.  I give my kids lots of hugs and make them my priority.  My kids are extremely close to each other, so much that they act like twins.  My son will be moving out to go to college in a few weeks.  My daughter will start 11th grade next month.  Our little family is growing up and we continue to grow closer.  We mend the things we need to by not staying upset or hurt with each other.  We pray together every day even if its just a short blessing prayer.  We have also tried to mend the pain from the past, though it is a process that sometimes takes a life time.  It is our Christian faith that keeps us mending and stitching our wounds.  Life isn't perfect but its the small imperfections that give us character.  Make the best you can with what God has blessed you and allow him to work his holy grace to mend the pieces that need attention.

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