Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If the Shoe Fits

I love shoes, especially sandals!!  I wait all winter for the first sign of spring so I can wear sandals. There are infinite selections of styles, heights and colors.  Here are a few things to think about.  

Pedicures are must when wearing sandals.  You can do basic pedicures at home as part of your daily beauty regiment.  Simply remove dry skin with a pumice stone every time you shower, keep nails trimmed, and be sure your nail polish looks fresh.  When you're sitting watching television or reading, give yourself a foot massage to rejuvenate and increase the blood circulation.  Buy a good quality foot lotion to keep feet moisturized.  You work so hard so I hope you can occasionally reward yourself with a professional pedicure.  Have someone pamper you for a change.  Please note that you should only go to a salon that licensed and meets sanitation standards.  Another key to a beautiful pedicure is choosing the a gorgeous nail color for the season.  Don't be afraid to use a bright orange or hot pink.  Part of the fun is getting nail designs like painted flowers for the spring.  

Next, buy a shoe that fits. Flat sandals are tough on foot arches, and high heel sandals can be tricky to walk in.   Sandals must fit securely in order to prevent trips or falls.  Wearing sandals that are too big can cause your foot to slip forward.  It is important to wait for creams and lotion to dry before putting on sandals to avoid sliding.  Lastly, nothing looks worse than toes hanging over the front of a sandal.  Get the right fitting sandals and show off your pedicure at work or play.


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