Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Gratitude

I am deeply grateful that through the blogging world we get to meet so many wonderful people. One of those is Heidi at Heart and Home. She has such a genuine passion for life and a huge heart for sharing. Here is a picture of Heidi wearing an apron from Apron Senorita.

Today I am grateful for the sucessful end of the school year. My son started summer vacation today. He is now officially done with 11th grade and will start his senior year in high school this fall. What happened that he grew so fast before my eyes. It was just yesterday that I was changing his diaper and holding him in my arms. My daughter Gina's last day of 9th grade is tomorrow. She is looking foward to a fun summer. Gina is so pretty, taller than I am, and just as spunky. I remember buying her little dresses and putting on cute hairbows on her. Now we enjoy dinners out and love wathcing movies together. Watching my kids grow made me long for times that were simple and innocent.

Go on over to Anne Geddes. Seeing her creative work always makes me smile from the inside out. I can see God's beauty through her precious pictures.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!
Yoli :)


  1. Hi and good morning Yoli!
    Thanks so much for linking up each week. You are a loyal and true friend! Had I known you were going to post my pic I would have SMILED for you!! I do love the apron and wear it all the time.
    I know what you mean about the babies growing up too fast. Mine are almost 21 and 14. When I see an actual baby my heart just melts and I'm transported back to that time when I was a mommy to two little ones. They are 7 years apart, it was like having two only children for awhile, and I got to really enjoy the baby stage. It passed so quickly. (The years did, anyway. Some of the days just seemed like they'd never end!!!)
    Those little cabbage patch kids are so chubby and adorable!
    Have a great week and weekend my friend. Hug your kids for me, and one for you too!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  2. That gal sure knew a good thing when she thought it up! Those little babies are both hysterical and adorably cute.

  3. They grow up so fast...enjoy the time with your daughter, she will remember it always.