Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday ~ The Fortunate Hat

There it was in a fortune cookie, the oddest message I had ever read. It said, "Wear hats more often". First of all, I don't wear hats and secondly what is the fortune in that. Could it be that the fortune is the hat being a shield from the sun? I don't know, so I've decided too do a little searching.

Maybe I haven't met the hat of my dreams. Maybe I do need protection. I hear that it is one of the defenses against direct sun exposure. Maybe I just need to step-up in confidence and wear a bold hat. I do think that hats look gorgeous on some women. I just have never considered myself a "hat" person. Maybe I haven't found the right one. Anyway, hope you follow along on my journey. I start looking online where it doesn't cost anything to look around. Then later I will venture out into the wild; yes the mall.

Are you a hat person? If so, what type of hat works best for you? After seeing these pictures the hats look very nice. They don't' seem as fashionably intimidating or overpowering. I like the pink one at the top.
Hope you have a great day!


  1. I love them all!
    Thank You HPS!

  2. I have never considered myself a "hat person," but Mom always said it was because I hadn't found the right hat! Wishing you all the best on your quest for the hat of your dreams! I'll look forward to seeing the pics!

  3. It's a great fortune, really, because it's made us all think!

    My grandma never looked bad in a hat. She could pull on the oddest looking thing and it would suddenly look wonderful. I have inherited SOME of this, in that I look good in girly straw or floppy hats, but I don't do the mannish ones that she could handle so well. SO I would choose the straw hat with the white bow for a formal look, and the pink and grey one for casual!

    Do we get to see a photo of you in your hat, when you get it, please?