Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wednesday ~ The Frugal Fashionista

Hello sweet friends, it is Wednesday again. I like Wednesday because it sits in middle of the week, quiet and non-pretetcious. Wednesday doesn't make a lot of noise or tries to stand out. Wednesday is just Wednesday; what you see is what you get. Wednesday doesn't need a weekend to lean on, it stands tall on its' own. Which takes me to my topic of the day, "The Frugal Fashionista". It is about making a fashion statement that is non-pretetcious and confident.

Do you think it is possible to look stylish and stunning on a budget? It is all about knowing how penny-pinch to get the best deals and the most of your money. My Wednesday Gratitude goes to my Aunt Connie. She has been taking me around to the best consignment stores in San Antonio. As a single mom, my wardrobe expenses are at the bottom of my list, so I have to get creative. She is helping me learn to be chic fashionista and timeless beauty within a reasonable budget. Here are a few tips that work!

Frugal Fashionista Tips
· Buy versatile pieces.
· Buy basics colors; blacks, white, blue, red, and khaki.
· Mix and match your clothes.
· Buy a few pieces that are quality select.
· Spend majority on pieces you expect to wear a lot.
· Buy inexpensive accessories that are trendy or classy.
· Get fashion ideas online
· Spend cheaply on “new” trends that quickly go out of style.
· Take care of your clothing, hand wash and hang dry.
· Look for coupons.
· Watch for sales.
· Don’t be embarrassed to ask for store discounts.
· Shop consignment and learn their discount system.
· Shop cheaper stores for name brand undergarments.
· Shop discount stores.
· Learn to hand sew a hem to tailor pants or skirts.
· Host a wardrobe exchange party with friends
· Steam clean rather than ironing.
· Don’t buy on impulse
· Use cash rather than credit cards
· Pass the blessings, donate your unused clothes

My next fashion statement is this gorgeous building. This past weekend, my sister Jessica from JOY Marie's Boutique and I had a booth at the Jackson Street Festival in Harlingen, Texas. We spent hours outdoors. I took a picture of the building because I loved the simple statement it made. It is basic, clean lines, simple accessories, and yet it makes a bold fashion statement; impressive!

Another source of gorgeous fashionistas are these beautiful women's blogs. They are a must see, so be sure to drop by for a visit.

Enjoy your Wednesday!!
Yoli :)


  1. Hi Yoli,
    Well I've never been included in the fashionista's world before, thanks so much for the compliment!
    Great tips, and what a fun building, it has a "face"!
    I'm happy you linked in to Wednesday Gratitude, I always look forward to your posts! Have a wonderful week.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  2. I noticed the "face" right away too! As a single mom I learned to shop wisely and conservatively. I work in a professional environment and must dress the part. I pretty much do just about everything on your Frugal Fashionista Tips list. I have heard of but have never hosted a wardrobe exchange party. Great post!

    ~ Tracy

  3. Hi Yoli!

    I do believe it is possible! Color and attitude make all the difference!
    Happy Grat. Wed.!