Friday, May 7, 2010

Saturday ~ My Pink Romance

My romance with pink, oh where do I start? Pink is soft, sweet, soothing. It brightens up a room and it dims the evening sky. I wish I could wake up to this breath-taking sunrise. I lived near the coast all of life and I saw many beautiful sunrises. I felt God's love every time as I would stand there in total amazement at the majestic beauty he created. At that moment I felt the most aware of my existence and correlation with God's plan.

Another of God's expression of love are the flowers. Each is created by the blessed hand of God, in his own special way. My new favorite flower is pink peonies. They are so elegant and charming. I truly believe that a house becomes a home with love, family, and flowers. I also think that a woman should pamper herself. I like getting manicures and pedicures, especiall pink nail polish.

My personal truth about romance is that I'm scare of finding it again. I've been single for many years and I've become accustom to being alone. It has been just God and I walking the intimate road of love and support. I don't know if I would remember how to go on a date or allow a man to take the lead, like opening the door or ordering at a restaurant. I've been "mom & dad" for so long that I haven't dropped my guard. I pray for God's will to be done in his time, his way, and for his glory. Yet, I do miss intimate and romantic dinners for two.

I also miss romantic walks along the beach at sunset.

So for now I can dream of gorgeous and fun men like Ty Pennington. Boy isn't he crafty?

...or the cute and charming Bobby Deen. I bet he cooks as good has his mama Paula Deen.
My new favorite is Curtis Stone. Wow, he is a sexy, charismatic, and he is a chef from Australia. Just to hear him talk makes me forget what he is cooking.

My KUDOS goes to Betty White! She is the essence of true romance; a woman loving life to the fullest. She is amazing beyond words. I hope I have her drive and humor long into my years. She is going to be on Saturday Night Live tonight.

Enjoy your Pink Saturday!
Yoli :)


  1. Hi Yoli..
    I so enjoyed all your pinks..and I agree about the sunsets. Only God can create something so overwhelming and beautiful. I am at total peace when just sitting watching as the sun sets..
    Happy Pinks and Happy Mothers Day. And p.s.
    A belated Happy Birthday to your handsome young man...

  2. Hi Yoli:) I'm a little late in the afternoon getting here...but here I am!I kind of have to blog-surf sporadically-between cleaning're a mom, I know you understand;)
    I love this post.The pictures are fabulous...and your attitude about God bringing your love to you in His time is just beautiful.Whoever the Lord has in mind for you, he's a lucky man!Happy Mother's Day, dear...and Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Your pink photo's are lovely! Your words about dating sound like my sisters and my best friends!

    You never know when cupid will point his arrow at you. I was a single mom for 5 years and the last thing on my mind was getting married again. But was love at first sight and we were married on April 19th:)

    Happy Mothers Day!!!

  4. Yoli your post made me smile SOOOOO much. From you wonderful thoughts about God, the sunrise and flowers to your new favorite PINK PEONIES (Love those!) to your thoughts about Curtis... ha ha ha! I forget what he is cooking too. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  5. the Pink peonies are delightful!
    Happy Mother's Day and Pink Saturday!