Friday, August 12, 2011

A Creative Spirit

What is your Creative Spirit? 

We all have a creative spirt that gives us individuality and brings us happiness.  What ever your creative talent is, I am here to tell you that you are special.  You are an exceptional child of God and you make this world more beautiful.  You have a sweet way of making people around you feel loved.  You make a house into a home that is warm and loving, and your smile radiates like the sun.  Your contribution to this life is essential and no one could ever replace you.  You are exclusive, charming, and delightful.  YOU are a CREATIVE SPIRIT.

Magazines are a fun escape from the hectic world. I enjoy magazines for crafting, home decor, and family.  When I go the bookstore I make a bee-line to the magazines.  I can hang around for a long time.  Its like a candy counter with nuggets of sweet treasures.  I LOVE IT.  There is something about holding a magazine in-hand that is so exciting.  There is something special about us women that we love to create a sanctuary nest for our family.  We want to dance creatively and be noticed. I have been working long days this summer and when I finally get time to relax, I grab a magazine to re-fuel my spirit.  Its nice to see the beautiful work done by other people.  God gives us all gifts and talents, everyone is unique.  The gorgeous crafts that people make are a testament to the beauty of God.  Just as God planted colorful flowers and gave us breath-taking mountains, he too gave us a creative spirit.  When I escape into my magazines for a few minutes, its my way of celebrating along with people and rejoicing in God.   Another thing that is so very important is to give compliments. People need to know they are doing well.   When I go to flea markets or craft shows, I make sure to tell women how beautiful their crafts are.   A crafted item is an extension of the person who created it.  Be generous in compliments because their talent is a reflection of God.  Not everyone has the same talents or to the same degree, so celebrate the unique creative spirits.  Find time to create in your own way.  

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  3. Hi Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh, I love these muslin aprons, how gorgeous they are. I love all the embellishments, especially the little flowers and bird. The leaves are gorgeous as well, and the trim along the bottom is DDG. I love it.

    Love the use of the little peat pots as well. The addition of the little birds, is that not HAPPY?

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas this morning. I am definitely keeping these for future use. I have a new sewing machine and would love to try my hand at an apron.

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