Monday, August 1, 2011

Carefree Texas

There are several cafes around the city that use such beautiful color scheme in the design.  It is so whimsical and carefree, the type that says "come as you are:.  One of the things I really enjoy about living near big cities is that I can be relaxed and people are unpretentious.  I know that living in Texas life does seam bigger than life, but sometimes Texas is seen in the small details.  We are flip-flops along the coastal beaches of South Padre Island and cowboy boots at church in New Braunfels hill country.  We are rodeo diva bling in north Texas at the Fort Worth Rodeo and lots of spicy Latin sundresses at the River Walk in San Antonio.  Our colors are vibrant just like the people.  We love our iced teas and cold Texas beer.  Rustic dance halls fill the west  Texas pan-handle, and coffee shops are know to have an old Texas Poet singing his words.  We love our history and we celebrate it with pride.  We appreciate vintage or antiques just as much as the skylines of gorgeous Dallas and Austin.  We are colorful, confident, and bold to the core. 




  1. Indeed! Living in Texas rocks :)

  2. Sounds beautiful. I am moving to fort worth at the end of September for 6-8 months with my husband and 10 month old daughter. I am so excited!!!!

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  4. Great Texas and this shows the beautiful color of not only art, decor, but the wonderful people of Texas...a little prejudice, that I use to live there and have family still there.


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  6. Thank you so much for coming by my blog and for your sweet and comforting comment. Your blog is so pretty and your aprons are amazing!! Such talent. I love all the colors and design of everything above. Made me smile :) I will be back for a follower. Hope you had a cooler evening and a wonderful Tuesday!
    Maria :)

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    Love the colors! Bright colors are so happy!!

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