Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Wonderings

Found this awesome yarn and fabric shop online.  The Purl Soho opened in 2002 with the hope of creating a friendly yarn shop where people could gather and share each other's creativity. In 2006, the Purl Patchwork fabric shop opened, just a few doors away from Purl. In April of 2010 both small stores moved into one big exciting space in Soho called Purl Soho.  I would love to visit there their store in New York City.  I imagine myself living in NY and going to small shops on a Saturday morning.  Walking in and seeing lots of beautiful fabrics and meeting other ladies who love fabrics as  much as I do.  Finding time to wander around is theraputic and good for the heart.  It stimulates our creative imagaination and it relaxes us from the worries of the world.  For today, I sit at my desk wondering around the internet.  Its fun, free, and fabulous!  Go on, it's your turn....wonder the internet to find new places!

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