Friday, August 19, 2011

My Son at UT Austin

My son Vincent is leaving to college this Saturday morning.  My little boy has grown into a wonderful young man.  Being a child of divorce meant that Vincent had to grow up fast.  He started taking college classes when he was a junior in high school and ever since then he wanted to be in college full-time. He often helped take care of his sister Gina who is 16 years old.  They are 2 peas in a pod.  They are very close and I know that won't change.  They are siblings and best friends.  Vincent is a product of a loving extended family.  He has a wonderful grandmother who has helped raise him in many ways.  She has been supportive and a solid rock of wisdom.  Vinny is blessed with a loving dad who has always been there for him.  They talk several times a week which is good because they have "man-talks".  Vinny is also richly blessed with a huge family of loving aunts & uncles and lots of fun cousins.  God has truly blessed him.

We visited the university last week and got a tour of his dorm.  He bought lots of back-to-school items and he packed up things in his bedroom.  The dorm building is very nice and of course the rooms are small.  His friend Edward is his roommate.  Hope they have fun together.  One thing I liked about the dorm is all the areas for studying.  I'm sure they are going to like all the eating places. Good thing the gym and pool are near by.  I sincerely hope he takes time to make new friends, learn new cultures, and expand his vision.

Vinny will just be 45 miles away.  Yes, I know that isn't far, but I'm still going to miss him.  I'm going to miss his laughter, his conversations, and the way we prayed together before bedtime.  I promised him that I wouldn't drop in unannounced at his dorm.  A man does need his space and privacy.  Back home I'm going to leave his bedroom "as-is" just in case he decides to visit occasionally.  Gina already has plans to move his television and DVR to her bedroom....LOL.  I'm very happy and proud of my son. I know he will do well.  I send him into the world with my prayers and with the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. How wonderful - congratulations to your son. I am just beginning to see how hard it will be for you, though. But he is leaving home for such good, positive things, Yoli!

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  6. Congratulations! You did a great job with your children! Visiting from Hopalong Friday1

    The Twerp and I