Friday, August 26, 2011

Pink Prayers

Pink Prayers is my tittle for the power for praying women.  When we gather in one cohesive spirit it is guaranteed to bring miracles.  Mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, lets gather in prayer for those affected by Hurricane Irene.  Lets lift our prayers and trust in the greatness of God to bring us through safely.  May God bless families with protection of life and property. 



  1. Thank you for your post on prayers for the people that are in danger of the hurricane Irene, that God may bless them and keep them safe this weekend. I love your aprons. Very nice meeting you Yoli and I'm a new follower. You too keep safe. Happy Pink Sat. FABBY

  2. We have been watching Irene updates all evening, even though we are in Tx and are in no danger. It's so scary and I hope everyone will heed the warnings. So many want to be brave and sit it out....
    Wonderful post, have a wonderful weekend and Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. amen! I hope everyone stays safe from Irene's wrath!!

  4. I love these pink prayers :) Thanks for making me smile today - along with my heart!

    Happy Saturday! ox

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life